Trump’s Plan To Stop Biden: Discourage African-American Voters

Trump’s Plan To Stop Biden: Discourage African-American Voters

President Donald Trump has concentrated on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in recent weeks as the race for the nomination has hotted up. The former vice president is far ahead in opinion polls in key early states but Trump has a plan to stop him: discouraging black voters from turning out.

Trump has already started this push by highlighting the 1994 Crime Bill, which resulted in the incarceration of many African-Americans through its draconian approach. The bill is now considered a disastrous piece of legislation and it was written by Joe Biden.

The Crime Bill remains controversial among the African-American community and liberal voters, but Biden currently enjoys widespread support among black voters. His association with former President Barack Obama is likely helping him in that crucial demographic.

The Trump team will try to peal off African-American votes, though they know black voters won’t break for Trump in 2020. Instead, the strategy is to undermine Biden’s popularity in the black community in the hopes that this will depress voter turnout.

Trump used this tactic against Hillary Clinton in 2016. She was also strongly linked to the Crime Bill and African-American turnout was low, possibly costing Clinton the election. However, the Trump team will have to factor in four years of Trump’s approach to racial issues, his treatment of minorities, including immigrants, and his comments defending white supremacists.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.