Michael Avenatti Blocks CNN’s Ryan Lizza On Twitter Then Pretends He Didn’t Do It

Michael Avenatti Blocks CNN’s Ryan Lizza On Twitter Then Pretends He Didn’t Do It

While the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels has become a hero to The Resistance for using a str5ategy of never-ending cable news appearances to become a thorn in the side of President Donald Trump and his attorneys, Michael Avenatti has also embraced the Trumpian tendency to lash out at and threaten members of the press.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the media-obsessed lawyer tell reporters at the conservative news site The Daily Caller he would personally sue them for defamation, call a Hollywood Reporter writer an “asshole” for highlighting Avenatti’s TV appearances, and threaten a Law & Crime reporter for writing a negative article. In the wake of these publicized incidents, it appears Avenatti has displayed another Trump-like behavior — thin-skinnedness.

After the attorney tweeted out his appreciation for what he felt was a “very balanced piece” while saying he would “continue to contribute to and assist you and other professionals in what you do,” CNN political analyst Ryan Lizza noted the irony of Aveantti’s tweet considering that the lawyer had just blocked him on Twitter.

As Lizza revealed in his tweet, Avenatti responded to a text from Lizza by blaming it on someone who runs his Twitter account and responding that it was “weird” when Lizza showed him the screenshot.

Lizza’s CNN colleague Oliver Darcy pointed out on Monday that Lizza sent out the following tweet in response to Avenatti’s threatening email to TheDC reporters:

As you can see in that tweet from last week, Lizza said Avenatti’s “intimidation tactic” suggested a “complete contempt” for the press and was akin to something Trump attorney Michael Cohen would do.

We’ve reached out to Avenatti for comment to see if he’s received an answer from the person running his Twitter account.

UPDATE: Avenatti and Lizza have sparred on Twitter over this issue, with the Stormy attorney claiming it was “inadvertent” but that he has to right to block whoever he wants.

Justin Baragona

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