Michael Avenatti Threatens To Personally Sue Daily Caller Reporters For ‘Defamation’

Michael Avenatti Threatens To Personally Sue Daily Caller Reporters For ‘Defamation’

A day after conservative news site The Daily Caller published a critical piece on attorney Michael Avenatti’s past business dealings, the Stormy Daniels lawyer contacted one of the reporters via email and told him he and his colleagues needed to stop with the “hit pieces” or he would file lawsuits against them and the publication for “defamation.”

TheDC’s Peter Hasson posted an email from Avenatti, who is representing Daniels in her legal fight against President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, after tweeting out that the attorney had threatened him.

“Let me be clear. If you and your colleagues do not stop with the hit pieces that are full of lies and defamatory statements, I will have no choice but to sue each of you and your publication for defamation,” Avenatti wrote, after declaring the email was off the record. (Hasson noted that he never agreed to those terms because Avenatti sent him an unsolicited email.)

He continued, “During that process, we will expose your publication for what it truly is. We will also recover significant damages against each of you that participated personally. So if I were you, I would tell Mr. Trump to find someone else to fabricate things about me.”

In a Trumpian flair, Avenatti concluded the email by telling Hasson that if “you think I’m kidding, you really don’t know anything about me.”

Journalists across the political and ideological spectrum were fairly critical of Avenatti, noting how similar his threats to TheDC’s reporters were to the intimidation tactics used by Trump and Cohen in the past.

Justin Baragona

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