Steph Ruhle Goes Off After Ex-Trump Advisor Says ‘We’re Performance Artists’: ‘This Is Not A Game!’

Steph Ruhle Goes Off After Ex-Trump Advisor Says ‘We’re Performance Artists’: ‘This Is Not A Game!’

Looks like Sam Nunberg is back, baby!

Months after the ex-Trump aide took the cable news world by storm with a crazed series of TV interviews while he was possibly drunk, Nunberg has reappeared on television the past couple of days. And the one-time Trump advisor sure seems to be having a blast as he’s just been rattling off whatever hits his mind.

A day after blurting out the name of the FBI informant who was in contact with Trump campaign associates — much to the consternation of MSNBC anchor Alex Witt — Nunberg found himself lectured by MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle after offering up a glib observation.

Asked to comment on longtime Trump advisor and political dirty trickster Roger Stone’s about-face on his ties to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks — Nunberg has described Stone as his mentor and close friend at one time — Nunberg sais this was the reason he warned Stone not to go around doing that “crap.”

“What was crap?” Ruhle asked.

“For him to go around, pretending that he had some insight, foreknowledge, or any knowledge or any connection to WikiLeaks,” Nunberg responded, leading the MSNBC host to press him on whether he thought Stone was just “BS-ing” in 2016.

“Correct,” Nunberg replied. “We’re performance artists. This is a game.”

Ruhle cut him off at that point, scolding Nunberg and telling him that “this is not a game,” adding that “the United States presidential election is not a game, sir.”

Nunberg, completely unfazed by Ruhle’s dressing-down, continued to make his point about Stone publicly embracing Assange and WikiLeaks during the campaign and how it is now coming back to bite the Trump confidant.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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