Ben Shapiro Applauds Meghan McCain For Saying ‘Abortion Is Murder’: ‘She Does a Terrific Job’

Ben Shapiro Applauds Meghan McCain For Saying ‘Abortion Is Murder’: ‘She Does a Terrific Job’

Having been humiliated by his one venture outside the bubble of America’s right-wing media, Ben Shapiro has retreated to his safe space: Fox News, where he can babble nonsense while the host laughs with him instead of at him.

On Monday that meant an appearance on The Story with host Martha MacCallum, where Shapiro babbled some praise of Meghan McCain for one of her recent meltdowns on The View.

McCain had been worked up about the anti-abortion bill signed into law in Georgia last week and the resultant call from actress Alyssa Milano for a “sex strike” by women until they “get bodily autonomy back.”

McCain’s response to Milano was to say that “People like Alyssa Milano need to understand that women aren’t just one section of the population that are like her…For pro-life women like me, which is a very strong tenet of who I am and how I view the world, I believe that abortion is murder.”

Milano did not call for McCain personally to participate in the sex strike, the idea of which was widely mocked on both the left and the right. The actress is likely aware that there are plenty of women in America who are anti-abortion.

Prompted by MacCallum, Shapiro responded to McCain’s rant: “Good for Meghan McCain, she does a terrific job on The View. Obviously, the push that all women have to feel like Alyssa Milano or they are not true women robs a lot of women of their femalehood.”

Shapiro cited no one who has said that all women have to feel like Milano. Even Milano didn’t say that. In fact, MacCallum explicitly noted just before Shapiro started talking that the women of The View had said of the abortion discussion, “Look, it’s okay, I think what I think, you think what you think.” It was actually a very respectful discussion, even with McCain’s histrionics.

Meghan McCain is free to go on having all the sex with her husband she could possibly want. Meanwhile, it’s nice that Shapiro finally respects her after a long history of calling her a “dimwit” and a “simpering moron,” among other choice nicknames.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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