Joe diGenova: Democrats Sound Like ‘The Cries Of An Injured Child, Not Unlike Those’ Of Christine Ford

Joe diGenova: Democrats Sound Like ‘The Cries Of An Injured Child, Not Unlike Those’ Of Christine Ford

Joe diGenova continues to use his frequent Fox News appearances to denigrate and smear an alleged sexual assault victim.

While most conservative pundits and politicians have continued to thread the needle regarding Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh by saying they believe she was assaulted but it wasn’t Kavanaugh, diGenova has repeatedly attacked the professor by calling her a “loon” and a “deeply troubled person” who has “clear emotional and psychological problems.”

During a Thursday night appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the right-wing lawyer was back at it. Asked by host Tucker Carlson if he believed the Democratic Party was going to accuse the FBI of colluding with the White House on the Kavanaugh investigation, diGenova said “Democrats are engaged in is something that we call The Big Lie.”

“What they’ve done is they have associated themselves with anarchy and they are now in full revolt against the Constitution of the United States, the union and the rule of law,” the attorney added.

The frequent Fox guest then found a way to take a personal shot at Ford while bashing the Democrats.

“What you are hearing are the cries of an injured child, not unlike those of Ms. Ford when she testified before the committee as an injured adolescent,” diGenova exclaimed. “The Democratic Party is in full retreat from good government, the rule of law and sanity.”

He would end his tirade by declaring how “appalling” they all are.

It wasn’t that long ago when it was reported that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott told her top show producers that they needed to crack down on incendiary and inflammatory comments from hosts and panelists amid backlash over a number of controversial on-air remarks. Per Politico, Scott told the producers they “responsible for protecting the talent, protecting the brand” and needed to be proactive in heading off offensive remarks by guests and hosts.

Also, the network fired contributor Kevin Jackson last week after he blasted out a series of tweets calling Kavanaugh’s accusers “lying skanks” and said Ford should “stop opening your legs” and instead open a book.

At the same time, while diGenova’s repeated attacks on Ford are eyebrow-raising, it can be argued they don’t rise to the level of Jackson or on-air segments featuring Ron deSantis, Corey Lewandowski or David Bossie that resulted in action by the network. We reached out to Fox in diGenova and were told that FNC maintains he is a guest only and Tucker Carlson Tonight is an opinion show.

Watch the clip below, via Media Matters.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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