Joe diGenova: Christine Blasey Ford Is ‘Deeply Troubled’, Has History Of ‘Psychological Discord’

Joe diGenova: Christine Blasey Ford Is ‘Deeply Troubled’, Has History Of ‘Psychological Discord’

Joe diGenova has claimed that Dr Christine Blasey Ford is a deeply troubled person with serious psychological issues. Speaking on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle, diGenova claimed that Ford now lives on the east coast in order to escape her problems. She was brought up in Washington, DC.

“Dr. Ford is a deeply troubled person. She has a history of psychological discord. She had a very terrible life at Holton Arms,” diGenova said. “She went to the West Coast for one reason, she had so many problems in that school that they sent her away. She is a very sad woman.”

Dr Ford attended Holton Arms school around the same time that Brett Kavanaugh attended Georgetown Prep. It was during this time that Ford says Kavanaugh attacked her and caused trauma that has affected her for her whole life. Both gave impassioned testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.

DiGenova has tried to dismiss Dr Ford’s allegations in the past, calling on Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono to ‘shut up’ and claiming the attack never happened. Brett Kavanaugh acknowledged that Dr Ford’s experience was real, but said he wasn’t responsible.

DiGenova has previously called Dr Ford a ‘loon’ and a ‘shock fest’, claiming her assault is ‘a figment of her imagination.’

The Senate Judiciary Committee is due to vote on Friday but there are more accusers and no indication that Republicans on the committee are willing to hear from them.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.