New Booster Gold Movie Won’t Be Connected To The DC Extended Universe

New Booster Gold Movie Won’t Be Connected To The DC Extended Universe

If you’re a fan of DC’s current line-up of television shows, then you have one man to thank for them; Greg Berlanti. Berlanti rose from the emerald ashes of the poorly-received Green Lantern movie, and went on to create a hugely successful DCTV universe.

It started with Arrow on The CW, followed by its spin-off series, The Flash. These two shows were enough to put DCTV on the map, but Berlanti wasn’t done there! He gave time travel a shot with the series Legends of Tomorrow, and put Superman’s cousin in the spotlight with Supergirl. The point is, Greg Berlanti is considered to be the king of superhero television right now. Which is why DC’s decision to give him another chance at making a big-budget film makes sense.

Berlanti has more than proven that he’s learned from his mistakes, not allowing the failure of Green Lantern to get him down. That dedication has landed him a producing spot on DC’s upcoming Booster Gold movie. He may even be directing the feature as well. For those don’t know, DC is currently planning to make a movie based on Booster Gold, a wise-cracking, time-traveling, wannabe superhero.

Booster Gold
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Fans of the character were excited to learn that he’d finally be getting a movie, especially those who feel that Booster Gold will bring some much-needed charisma and different character types to the brooding DCEU.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to see Booster Gold fight crime with the likes of Batman, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League, you may be fresh out of luck. Speaking with Vulture about the upcoming movie, Greg Berlanti revealed that there are no plans to merge Booster’s world with the rest of the DCEU.

“As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds. It’d be a separate thing.”

That’s right, the Booster Gold film will apparently be set in its own universe. Now, personally, I think this is a terrible decision for DC and WB to make. Putting aside my personal opinion on the “doom n’ gloom” tone of the DCEU, setting Booster Gold in a different universe is pretty unnecessary and complicated. This essentially means that DC will have two film universes to deal with, the DCEU, and the apparent new “Booster Gold CU”.  Not to mention the TV universe that Berlanti is currently hard at work managing.

There’s really no point in creating a separate film franchise for Booster Gold, not when (and any comic reader will tell you this) he’s known for interacting with several other members of the DC universe. I’m sincerely hoping that Berlanti was mistaken when he said that the Booster Gold film is separate from the DCEU. If not, DC and WB need to fix that as soon as possible.

Source: Vulture

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