Mike Huckabee: Hey Guys, Why Ain’t You Saying ‘Male Lives Matter’ Over Police Shootings?

Mike Huckabee: Hey Guys, Why Ain’t You Saying ‘Male Lives Matter’ Over Police Shootings?

While Rudy Giuliani is going around calling Black Lives Matter “racists” and Sarah Palin is drunkenly commenting about protesters being thugs, former Arkansas governor and current Trump lackey Mike Huckabee has decided to take a different tact.

Last week, Huck wanted to let everyone know that he is unaware what the word minority means when he told Fox News that more whites had been killed by police last year than minorities. As the Washington Post pointed out, the bass-playing conservative is technically correct, but is obviously misrepresenting the data. Blacks only make up 12% of the population, and while nearly twice as many whites as blacks were shot and killed by police in 2015, a black person was three times more likely to be killed. It is about proportionality, something beyond Huck’s scope, apparently.

Well, after WaPo fact-checked him, Huckabee wouldn’t let it go. Instead, he decided to once again try to use the facts to discredit the BLM movement, this time by making it seem like dudes are the ones getting a raw deal.

According to The Hill, Huck’s spokesman gave them the following statement regarding the Post being all mean to him:

“It’s not me that needs to be ‘fact checked.’ It’s the Post — I only said exactly what YOU reported. My comments were 100 percent factual.The pure facts also reveal that 94 percent of those killed by police are men, so by your ‘proportional’ standards, the real movement in America should be ‘Male Lives Matter.’ ”

Yes, that was his response.

You’d think someone who twice ran for President, was an actual governor, had his own political talk show for years and has been floated as a possible VP pick wouldn’t be lifting ideas from the depths of MRA written Reddit posts. But, here we are.

Justin Baragona

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