Trump Reportedly Seeking to Halt Publication of Bolton’s Book Until After the Election

Trump Reportedly Seeking to Halt Publication of Bolton’s Book Until After the Election

President Donald Trump has personally sought to block the publication of former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s forthcoming book, according to The Washington Post.

Trump reportedly believes that everything he said to Bolton about national security matters is classified and should not be published before the November election.

“We’re going to try and block the publication of the book,” Trump said, according to notes obtained by the Post from an off-the-record lunch with television anchors earlier this month. “After I leave office, [Bolton] can do this. But not in the White House.” The president added that Bolton is a “traitor” who is “just making things up.”

The White House last month stated in a letter that the book contained “significant amounts of classified information,” yet added that it would work with Bolton to “move forward as expeditiously as possible” and to ensure his “ability to tell his story in a manner that protects U.S. national security.” The National Security Council’s pre-publication review of the manuscript is ongoing.

The book, titled The Room Where It Happened, alleges that the president told Bolton that military aid to Ukraine was linked to investigations into the Biden family. Bolton, who left the administration in September, has been criticized for failing to testify during the impeachment inquiry with any relevant information he may have, instead opting for a book deal.

The book’s expected publication date is March 17.

William Vaillancourt

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