Trump Winery Fired Undocumented Laborers on Monday – After the Grape Harvest

Trump Winery Fired Undocumented Laborers on Monday – After the Grape Harvest

President Donald Trump’s businesses have long been accused of using undocumented labor while the President has railed against immigration. One example of this hypocrisy came this week at Trump Winery in Virginia. The winery, which is run by Eric Trump, was employing undocumented workers.

However, Trump Winery fired the workers on Monday – after the crucial grape harvest had come to an end. Some of the workers had reportedly worked at the winery for a decade. The grape harvest is arduous work and firing workers beforehand would likely have affected the winery’s production schedule. It appears the winery waited until the summer/fall season was over before acting.

“They didn’t make this decision in the summer because they needed us a lot then,” Omar Miranda Honduran truck driver, told the Washington Post. He was also fired.

At least seven undocumented workers were fired. The winery is owned by President Trump and last year the Trump Organization pledged to act on its’ use of undocumented workers, yet Trump Winery only fired the seven employees a day before New Year’s Eve.

The events at Trump Winery fly in the face of Trump’s immigration policy. For almost four years, Trump has condemned ‘illegal immigrants’ for taking American jobs and causing crime. However, his businesses have benefitted from employing them.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.