‘The View’ Rallies to Adam Driver’s Defense Over NPR Walkout

‘The View’ Rallies to Adam Driver’s Defense Over NPR Walkout

The hosts of The View rallied to actor Adam Driver’s defense on Wednesday, supporting his decision to walk out of an NPR interview earlier this month after expressing displeasure at the idea of listening to a clip of him singing in the Netflix movie Marriage Story.

The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that Driver left during a break in an interview with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross while NPR played an audio clip of the film. Per sources, Gross’ team was aware of Driver’s phobia about listening or watching recordings of himself and encouraged him to take off his headphones during the playback.

After Sunny Hostin discussed her own past issues with watching herself on television, noting how much she “hates it,” conservative host Meghan McCain swung the discussion to how much she and her family personally love the Rise of Skywalker star.

“He’s a former Marine, and that’s where his background is,” she exclaimed. “Semper fi, I love him, and when you come from a Marine background, and you served and you’re arguably one of the biggest actors in the world at this point, probably seeing yourself for him is—my brother worships him because my brother was a Marine as well.”

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Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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