Air Force Will Review Overseas Trips Following Visit To Trump Property

Air Force Will Review Overseas Trips Following Visit To Trump Property

The US Air Force will undertake a review of all its international stays following controversy about its use of one of President Donald Trump’s properties. The issue has blown up in the media when it was revealed that a Trump property was not profitable as a result of its use by the Air Force.

Crew members stayed several times at Trump’s Turnberry property in Scotland during refuelling trips at the country’s Prestwick Airport. The Trump hotel, however, is a considerable distance from Prestwick, which raised concerns among reporters.

“Air Force leadership directed Air Mobility Command to review all guidance pertaining to selection of airports and lodging accommodations during international travels,” the Air Force said in a statement on Sunday.

President Trump has been widely accused of using the presidency to enrich himself, particularly by using his properties for official government events and by encouraging his subordinates and foreign officials to stay at his properties.

The House Oversight Committee has been investigating the issue of Trump’s properties and military spending. The Department of Defense has not fully complied with the committee’s attempts to investigate Trump’s Turnberry property, which is at the center of the current controversy.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.