‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s Wall Is Like A Failed Condo Project With No Investors

‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s Wall Is Like A Failed Condo Project With No Investors

President Donald Trump is desperate to get the border wall built before the 2020 election but so far he’s made no progress and he’s starting to panic. MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussed the issue on Thursday, highlighting Trump’s inability to build anything new along the border.

“The President is very concerned about his reelection prospects next year,” host Joe Scarborough said. “Many people close to the President say part of the reason why he’s acting even more irrational than usual over this past week are the growing concerns about the economy but when you look at this issue of the President building the wall, this was his key promise.”

“This promise defined his presidency,” Scarborough said. “In fact, he would joke and say every time energy and the room went down wherever he was, he would just shout out, build that wall, it would be like a band playing its biggest hit. Building the wall and making Mexico pay for it and with the coda of believe me, believe me, it’s going to happen, believe me.”

“Donald Trump has to know that that’s going to come back to him. Democrats offered him $21 billion to build his wall. He refused it. Republicans didn’t want the wall to be built when they controlled Washington. So now he finds himself a year out from the election and the only thing he’s done, as Fox News reports, is he’s rebuilt 60 miles of wall that were already existing under president Barack Obama.”

“So, Joe, the wall is the central symbol of his presidency, it’s a physical manifestation of the purpose of his presidency, which is to keep them out,” the New York Times Nicholas Confessore said.

“But instead of building the wall and making China pay for it or Mexico pay for it, I should say, there is no wall yet and there also isn’t any money for it yet. I think what we have here is a problem that this was almost like a condo deal he’s doing.”

“He’s sold the heck out of it, he’s branded it but he can’t find the money and he hasn’t gotten it built yet. And he’s in a bind. So, in 2016 he ran on the idea that we needed to have a wall even though we already had a wall on a lot of the border and 2020 he’s gonna run on a wall that he hasn’t actually built and claims exists.”

“You talk about a failed condo project, this is like a condo project where the rough outlines were sketched out but he could never find investors,” Scarborough said.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor