Kellyanne Conway: Putin Sees Us Arguing About Russian Election Interference ‘That Did Not Exist’

Kellyanne Conway: Putin Sees Us Arguing About Russian Election Interference ‘That Did Not Exist’

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway argued that it is “case closed” when it comes to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and there is nothing left to say. She also seemed to suggest that Russian election interference didn’t occur, despite the Mueller report definitively concluding it happened in “sweeping” fashion.



BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): I have to ask this question. Will the president go out of his way to actually block Bob Mueller coming up in May or June and testifying? Or would he just rather he don’t? Where does it stand right now?

CONWAY: Well the president said he should not testify. I know a lot of people read the word block in there, which I didn’t see. He said he should not testify. His point is very simple. Bob Mueller’s report and investigation is definitive and conclusive. As Mitch McConnell is going to say, our majority leader in the Senate will say later today, case closed. That Putin and the Russians see us still arguing about Russian interference in election that did not exist. Sure, if the interference existed, right? But read the whole Mueller report. Read volume one, folks —

KILMEADE: He won’t block him, he won’t block him but he rather he don’t?

CONWAY: He is saying Bob Mueller has already spoken. This investigation — Well, he also is saying what is there left to say? What is there left to do? The fact is that Mr. Mueller if Mr. Mueller could have, director Mueller could have referred for indictment. He could have charged people with a crime including the president, president’s family, president’s advisors, president’s associates he would have done so. The job of the prosecutor is not to use the word exoneration. Decline referral of an indictment. That word didn’t even need to be used. What else would Mr. Mueller add to this? I think Democrats, they can do what they want. They look really ridiculous still investigating an investigation that’s over.


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