Speculation Mounts About The Mueller Report And The Future Of The Trump Administration

Speculation Mounts About The Mueller Report And The Future Of The Trump Administration

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed his report into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, not everyone was expecting. There had been speculation that Mueller would conclude the probe this week, but many media commentators had warned not to make predictions.

However, Mueller’s filing of his final report late on Friday created a firestorm of media speculation and discussion about how its contents will change the course of Donald Trump’s presidency and the future of the country. Everything depends on what Mueller has found and what’s made public.

Attorney General William Barr has said that he may be able to give a summary of the report by this weekend, but there are likely to be redactions. Barr has previously criticized the Mueller investigation, which some believe is the reason he was tapped to lead the Justice Department.

Barr’s previous comments aside, if Mueller’s report alleges serious wrongdoing by the President, it’s hard to see how its contents will not be made public. The House of Representatives has passed a resolution to that effect, showing at least some bipartisan support for revealing its contents.

Mueller has already managed to rack up an impressive number of charges, guilty pleas and convictions over the course of the investigation, while the Southern District of New York has pursued crimes committed by Trump associates outside the Mueller investigation.

The President was an unnamed co-conspirator in Michael Cohen’s case. Trump’s former lawyer dramatically revealed that ‘Individual 1’ was Trump and he had directed Cohen to commit a campaign finance violation. Mueller’s report may contain more allegations against the President.

However, this is unlikely to bring about the end of the Trump administration in the short term. The President has painted the investigation as a witch hunt and most of the Republican Party still stands squarely behind him.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.