Morning Joe: Roger Stone Was Saying Kill The Judge Or Give Me Money

Morning Joe: Roger Stone Was Saying Kill The Judge Or Give Me Money

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough spoke directly to President Donald Trump’s supporters Tuesday morning. In a powerful segment, Scarborough expressed dismay at Trump supporters’ willingness to accept lies and racism from the President. He also took Trump associate Roger Stone to task.

“The most frightening part of the whole thing, it’s not Donald Trump,” Scarborough said. “It’s the people who still, two and a half years after the racism, after the lies, after the breaching of constitutional norms, after the embrace of Putin, after the embrace of strongmen around the world, after the mocking of democratic values all over the world, after the contempt he has shown for democratically elected traditional American allies.”

“The fact that there are so many people that still support him… And actually still come up to me and say, how could you not support Donald Trump? That’s what’s concerning. Four out of ten Americans are still OK with the lies every day, the racism every day. By the way, we could say that, if it would help you all. We could run a list of all the lies.”

“We can show you a before-and-after tweet where it shows his own words prove that he’s lying,” Scarborough said. “We could show you all the racist comments, right? But you wouldn’t care, would you? It’s just like Roger Stone. Roger Stone puts a target by a federal judge’s face. And you don’t care about that. No, you don’t care. You just don’t care. You think that’s cool because he said Deep State and Benghazi in his explanation.”

“So now he’s apologized after he posted that image on Instagram showing the federal judge overseeing his trial next to crosshairs. And you’re cool with that,” Scarborough said. “The image was deleted later after being up for an hour. But of course, by then, Roger Stone knows. Everybody saw the photo of Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Everybody saw the target that was next to her head and you don’t care. And you don’t care that your kids are growing up in this kind of world where a guy who cavorts with people who cavort with Russians has to explain that and gets caught lying to federal authorities and his answer after getting caught lying to federal authorities is to put a target by a federal judge’s head. You don’t care.”

“And along with that target — get this, this is really rich. Make sure to tell your kids this because I know you’ll be proud of yourself for supporting this and not really caring about it and just wiping it out of your head as you go off to school today, go off to work today with your Make America Great Again hat on,” Scarborough said.

“Along with the target next to the judge’s head was a fund-raising pitch for legal defense costs. So what’s this? Kill the judge, send me $5? Here’s how can you help me. I get the target by the judge’s head, and you can take that and kill judge or you could send me money. Either way I’m cool with it, is what Roger Stone appears to be saying, and then he took down the picture. After he did that, he had a statement, said it had be misinterpreted.”

“By the way, I made this mistake, too, when I turned in my high school graduation picture. I mistakenly turned in one where there was a target right by my mullet. You know. There was a target there. This is the thing. And by the way, everybody goes ‘He’s was just joking.  He’s just joking about assassinating the federal judge. Just relax. Come on, it’s Donald. It’s Roger. That’s who Roger is’. Well maybe that’s the problem.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor