MAGA Fight! Ann Coulter Tells Newt Gingrich He’s In The ‘Kiss The Emperor’s Ass Camp’

MAGA Fight! Ann Coulter Tells Newt Gingrich He’s In The ‘Kiss The Emperor’s Ass Camp’

With right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter loudly trashing President Donald Trump for caving to Democrats on by ending the 35-day government shutdown without getting any money for a border wall, Trump loyalist and outside adviser Newt Gingrich said the president shouldn’t listen to the conservative pundit because all she’s doing is making noise in order to sell more books.

Well, Coulter did not take that lying down, and unleashed a blistering attack on the former Speaker of the House.

With MAGA land currently divided over the president’s capitulation — sycophants such as Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro have tried to spin it positively for Trump while immigration hardliners like Coulter and Breitbart have blasted POTUS — Gingrich toed the line for the president during a Fox & Friends appearance Monday morning. Asked if Coulter’s reaction means Trump should be concerned he’s losing his far-right base, Gingrich said the president should just wave her off.

“He should not pay any attention to Ann Coulter,” Gingrich declared. “Ann Coulter doesn’t run for office. She doesn’t know anything about how to put a majority together. She is off in fantasy land which she gets to be noisy which helps her sell books.”

He went on to state that the president’s base will stick with him and they understand that Trump needs to find a way to compromise with Democrats in order to get the wall.

It didn’t take long for the In Trump We Trust author to respond to Gingrich. Reacting to the longtime politico saying she lives in “fantasyland,” Coulter mockingly noted that it “has now come to my attention that Trump HAS built the full border wall & it’s working BEAUTIFULLY. That is why Trump is sailing to re-election!”

She then fired off several tweets that revolved around the same theme — that Gingrich is nothing more than a Trump ass-kisser.

She ended it with the following tweet:

“LITTLE-KNOWN LITERARY FACT: “The Emperor’s New Clothes” had to be edited for space,” Coulter wrote. “Lost was the scene where court haberdasher Newt Gingrich said, ‘Sir, you look splendid!'”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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