Fox News Anchor Slams Trump For Going After Colleagues: You’re ‘Putting A Target On Their Backs’

Fox News Anchor Slams Trump For Going After Colleagues: You’re ‘Putting A Target On Their Backs’

After President Donald Trump took the extremely rare step of publicly blasting two hosts from his favorite cable news network, one Fox News anchor returned fire and told the president that “[b]ullying journalists is not Presidential” and he was potentially putting those two in danger.

During the most recent broadcast of Fox News Sunday, chief White House correspondent John Roberts (filling in for Chris Wallace) and Washington correspondent Gillian Turner discussed the president capitulating on the 35-day government shutdown, wondering if Trump’s loss to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will impact the president’s talks with foreign leaders moving forward. Obviously watching Fox News’ Sunday evening re-broadcast of the program, the president tweeted that Roberts and Turner “have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!”

On Monday morning, Fox News anchor Julie Banderas went on a mini-tweetstorm defending her colleagues while criticizing POTUS for targeting largely impartial journalists.

“This is NOT right,” she wrote. “I stand by my colleagues @johnrobertsFox and @GillianHTurner They don’t deserve this. No reporter does. They are doing their jobs and reporting the facts. They are not opinion journalists and deserve the respect from the @WhiteHouse they cover.”

Banderas responded to Twitter users who said the president had the right to express his opinion and criticizes reporters, telling them that POTUS shouldn’t be the one “lashing out” at the press because this is “not how this country works.” She added that Trump insulting Roberts and Turner on Twitter is “putting a target on their backs.”

“I have always stood up for journalists no matter what network they work for,” Banderas replied when another user asked her where she was in the past when Trump was attacking other outlets and reporters. “We all should support each other.”

However, a cursory search of her Twitter account to see if she’s tweeted out defenses of other journalists or outlets that the president has directly attacked came up empty.

Meanwhile, despite chastising Fox News reporters Sunday night, the president was back to live-tweeting Fox & Friends Monday morning, quoting guests who heaped praise upon him and applauding certain states introducing Bible studies into public school curriculum.

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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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