House Republican Goes Off: GOP Waiting On Trump Tweets Is ‘What The F*ck Serving In Congress Has Come To’

House Republican Goes Off: GOP Waiting On Trump Tweets Is ‘What The F*ck Serving In Congress Has Come To’

With conservatives in a full-on revolt over a deal to avoid a government shutdown because it doesn’t include funding for President Donald Trump’s big beautiful border wall, the president hinted via Twitter Thursday morning that he would veto the short-term spending bill that passed the Senate Wednesday evening.

Besides sending out that tweet, the president also called retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan just before his final House Leadership press conference, which was scheduled to take place prior to the House voting on the resolution. Ryan ended up canceling the presser following the call and the House was thrown into chaos as GOP leaders discussed the possibility of passing another funding bill for the wall.

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt was on Capitol Hill while all of this was going down and provided a quote from a nameless House Republican who explained that they were waiting on Trump to send out a tweet indicating whether he’d sign or not.

“That’s what the fuck serving in Congress has come to,” the GOP member told Hunt.

She further noted that the House may be moving towards just tossing out a bill that won’t pass just to prove to the president that it will go nowhere.

Talking Points Memo correspondent Cameron Joseph also quoted Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA), a Trump critic who did not seek re-election this year. Costello told Joseph that “if Trump tweets something we’ll do it” but until then “we’re all just twisting in the wind.”

At noon on Thursday, Trump scheduled a meeting with House Republican leaders Ryan and Kevin McCarthy and House Freedom Caucus leaders Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows to see about trying to add wall funding in the spending bill.

Trump has been on the receiving end of conservative backlash over the funding bill as when the continuing resolution expires, Democrats will be in charge of the House and the possibility of adding wall funding will drop to zero.

Justin Baragona

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