Steve Schmidt Renounces GOP Over Migrant Child Crisis: ‘It Is Filled With Feckless Cowards’

Steve Schmidt Renounces GOP Over Migrant Child Crisis: ‘It Is Filled With Feckless Cowards’

Tuesday night, the Associated Press reported that the Trump administration was sending migrant babies and toddlers to detention centers known as “tender age” shelters after separating them from their parents at the border. This news was so astonishing and shocking that it caused the normally unflappable Rachel Maddow to choke up and cry on air as she attempted to read the report.

The humanitarian crisis that has resulted from Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy has also led a longtime Republican strategist to publicly and forcefully renounce his party.

In a series of early Wednesday morning tweets, MSNBC political analyst and McCain presidential campaign strategist Steve Schmidt tore into the GOP for being “feckless cowards” who bow to the president. He further noted that the party has become “immoral” as it “establishes internment camps for babies.”

At the end of his tweetstorm, Schmidt announced that he was now an independent voter who would align with the “only party left in America that stands for what right and decent.”

Schmidt has been a forceful critic of Trump since the 2016 presidential campaign and has ramped up his denunciations of the president in recent months. He’s called POTUS an “imbecile” for engaging in a trade war, described his CPAC speech as “racist” and stated that Trump “beclowned” himself at the G7 summit.

Justin Baragona

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