Trump Criticizes Judges About Travel Ban, Calls Courts ‘So Political’

Trump Criticizes Judges About Travel Ban, Calls Courts ‘So Political’

In an address earlier today to United States sheriffs in Washington, DC, President Donald Trump attacked the three judges hearing an appeal on his travel ban. The Ninth Circuit heard arguments from the Trump administration yesterday about re-instating the ban on travel from 7 mainly Muslim countries, but the judges seemed skeptical.

“I won’t say the court was biased. But so political,” Trump told a group of the country’s sheriffs. “”I listened to lawyers on both sides last night, they were talking about things that had nothing to do with it.”

“It’s so sad when you read something so perfectly written and so clear to anybody. I watched last night in amazement and I heard things I couldn’t believe.”

“I don’t ever want to call a court biased so I won’t call it biased, and we haven’t had a decision yet, but courts seem to be so political. But it would be so great for our system if they could read something and do what’s right.”

Trump attacked two judges who ordered stays on the travel ban, claiming the judiciary would be responsible if any terror attacks took place while the ban is suspended. The Ninth Circuit has not yet decided the case, but Trump’s decision to attack the court may indicate the administration is not confident it can win.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.