Trump Spent All Week Campaigning Against The Wrong Woman

Trump Spent All Week Campaigning Against The Wrong Woman

Donald Trump fell for a mind-numbingly obvious Hillary Clinton campaign trap: Alicia Machado. Clinton tacked Machado’s name onto the very end of the CNN presidential debate in an awkward rhetorical stretch, but it hooked Donald Trump hook, line and sinker nonetheless.

In politics, pundits often discuss forced and unforced errors when debating campaign blunders. This one happens to be both. Hillary Clinton forced Trump to acknowledge his controversial treatment of the former Miss Universe on the debate stage broadcast to the entire nation, but she, of course, did not force him to obsess over it.

I’m sure Clinton guessed he would obsess over it, though, and the week’s news coverage has been dominated unnecessarily by Trump’s misogyny. All because Donald Trump knows neither how to shut up, nor how to stop digging deeper when he’s already in a hole.

This morning Trump even tried to assassinate Machado’s character by tweeting about an alleged sex tape between 4 and 5 am. Yikes. It predictably failed to salvage Trump’s ugly, misogynistic image. Trump does not realize that Machado is not his political enemy. His real political enemy is getting closer to winning Election 2016 while he struggles with staying focused.

Should the President of the United States pass up on sleep to personally smear a relatively irrelevant woman for having sex? Of course not, and all of this has transpired because the Clinton campaign knew he would not be able to resist ruining his campaign’s momentum himself if given an opportunity. The plan worked flawlessly.

This may be the most unequivocal evidence yet that Donald Trump should not be president: he takes every piece of bait offered to him because he is an impulsive egomaniac. Trump is an obliviously narcissistic fool who would be taken advantage of by world leaders across the world. Hillary Clinton doesn’t make provoking Trump into embarrassing blunders look easy… it literally is easy.

Despite Trump’s insistence that he won the debate, no one outside Trump’s fantasyland agrees, and the evidence is clear that Donald Trump is definitively not presidential. With the standards of his debate performance already lowered so far, all he had to do was not be nasty, but he failed.

The polls have already begun to give Hillary Clinton a post-debate bump, and Trump has no one to blame but himself — even if he never blames himself. He is too much a fool for introspection or self-reflection, and his threats to bring Bill Clinton’s sex controversies up at the next debate—despite virtually everyone’s advice—prove he has learned nothing from this week of entirely avoidable self-destruction.

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