Katrina Pierson Is Apparently Now A Neurologist, Claims Hillary Has Severe Brain Damage

Katrina Pierson Is Apparently Now A Neurologist, Claims Hillary Has Severe Brain Damage

Well, I guess we know what kind of pivot we’re going to get from Donald Trump under his new campaign leadership.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, Trump spokeswoman and Middle East war historian Katrina Pierson parroted the crazy conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health that began in the fever swamps of the right-wing web and then gained traction with Fox News, particularly Sean Hannity. In an effort to stoke this nuttery, Trump has started questioning Clinton’s “strength and stamina” more and more during his rallies and speeches.

In the MSNBC interview, after she tried to blame Michael Cohen’s #SaysWho exchange on technical difficulties, Pierson decided to diagnose the former Secretary of State with a rare brain disorder. Basing everything on fake reports from 4chan, Reddit and Hannity, the campaign flack said straight-up that Hillary has “dysphasia,” a condition that causes its victims to have difficulty speaking or understanding language. She highlighted Clinton’s lack of press conferences and reduced activity on the campaign trail as proof.

Welker, taken aback that Pierson would just so casually toss out tin-foil hat shit on live TV, was at least prepared enough to point out that Pierson was spouting out bunk. The MSNBC host noted that Clinton has not been taking extended time off of the campaign trail and read a letter from Hillary’s doctor stating that any medical documents floating around on the internet claiming to be from her are fakes.

Of course, this didn’t deter Pierson one bit, and she continued to sow doubts about Clinton’s health, saying again that the ex-First Lady just needs to do press conferences. She also stuck up for Breitbart’sBreitbart chief Steve Bannon is now campaign CEO — conspiracy touting articles and headlines, deflecting it all by whining about the liberal media.

Below is video of the exchange:



In a later interview, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza remarked that the Pierson segment “was among the five most remarkable” Pierson interviews he’s seen, acknowledging that while she’s known to say crazy shit all the time, this was truly off the deep end. He also stated that the hit showed that there would be no pivot, other than the Trump campaign is going to triple down on crazy.

Just to recap Katrina Pierson’s last week or so:

— says President Obama started the War in Afghanistan

— states that liberal reporters are “literally” beating up Trump supporters

denies that there was a campaign shakeup after Trump placed two new people into leadership roles

— diagnoses Clinton with brain damage

Less than 90 days left of this folks. I think we can make it. I hope so.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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