After Trump Shakes Up Campaign Staff, Katrina Pierson Insists “It’s Not A Shakeup”

After Trump Shakes Up Campaign Staff, Katrina Pierson Insists “It’s Not A Shakeup”

As The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah pointed out earlier this week, it has to absolutely suck to be Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson at this point. Day in and day out, she’s stuck going on TV and trying to spin all the fucked-up shit her boss does on an hourly basis. Sure, she’s really bad at it, and her vapid, dense, condescending demeanor, to go along with her inability to get basic facts right, does her no favors, but look what she’s given to work with!

On Wednesday, Pierson was back on CNN to deliver the campaign’s ‘official’ talking points on the recently announced shakeup of its staff. (Official is in scare quotes because no one ever knows if anyone actually confers with Pierson before sending her out to be slaughtered by the press.) In this instance, the ex-shoplifter turned campaign flack tried to insist that there was no overhaul of Trump’s team, and instead wanted to talk about Hillary Clinton’s staff.

Now, mind you, we had just been delivered the news that adviser and pollster Kellyanne Conway was being promoted to campaign manager and Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon had been hired to be the campaign’s CEO. It also appears that chairman Paul Manafort’s role will be diminished significantly.  All this has occurred just two months after former campaign manager (and current CNN contributor) Corey Lewandowski was kicked to the curb. Yet, from the way Pierson was trying to frame it, this was nothing more than a standard expansion, and not a late-election blow-up of campaign leadership.

As Pierson told her tale Wednesday morning, CNN host Alisyn Camerota and other guests just looked on in disbelief, wondering why she was denying there was a shakeup in the campaign. Hell, the Trump team itself sent out an email detailing the “major new hires” that very morning. But Pierson stuck to her guns, attempting to pivot to talking about Clinton. Camerota even complimented her for her deflections, saying “I appreciate that because that’s your job.”

When the spokeswoman complained that CNN wasn’t talking about Hillary’s staff, Camerota interjected, shouting at Pierson that the reason was “because Donald Trump just shook up his campaign for the second time in a two-month period!” Pierson’s obvious response: “No he didn’t!” She followed that up by once against saying it was just an “expansion” and “only CNN is reporting that some sort of shakeup is happening.”

The New Day anchor, just sick of dealing with Pierson at this point, noted that “even Fox News is calling this a shakeup,” refuting the Trump lackey’s assertion. And, let’s face it, EVERYONE is calling this a shakeup, because that’s what it is. MSNBC describes it as such. All of the major print publications. Just about every news site. It ain’t just CNN, Katrina.

We’re gonna miss you when it’s all over, Ms. Pierson.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:


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