Want Another Reason To Hate Bill O’Reilly? Watch Him Completely Crap On Black Homeless People

Want Another Reason To Hate Bill O’Reilly? Watch Him Completely Crap On Black Homeless People

It has been a rough past few days for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, what with the upholding of Obamacare’s subsidies, the passing of same-sex marriage nationally and a racially motivated mass shooting in South Carolina bringing about the repudiation of right-wing racist rhetoric. Last week, Bill-O declared a war on the haters of Fox News, the liberal media and anyone who believes institutional racism exists. On Monday, O’Reilly spent much of his time crying about activist judges, people being mean to Donald Trump and President Obama thumbing his nose at those who believe in traditional marriage.

However, as if making a special effort to show just how mean-spirited and heartless he can really be, and perhaps give a little treat to his geriatric audience who think all blacks are drug addicts and lazy drunks, O’Reilly presented a segment from his lackey Jesse Watters on the homeless in New York City. The ‘Watters World’ piece was meant to show that the city’s uber-communist, cop-hating, weak-kneed mayor’s policies were causing a situation where the NYPD just will not properly enforce the law when it comes to preventing homeless people from loitering in Penn Station.

Of course, the real purpose of this segment was two-fold. Sure, much of it was meant to criticize Bill de Blasio and compare him unfavorably to the two previous Republican mayors, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, who were more interested in keeping the city “safe and clean.” However, the other point was to show white New Yorkers openly complain about the dirty homeless filth infesting the city and making them feel unsafe. Obviously, all of the homeless people that Watters showed were black. And, just as you thought, they were all portrayed as lazy, shiftless, pieces of shit who were getting government handouts but wasting it all on crack cocaine and booze.

Taking us on this journey of the depths of humanity was Watters, who probably owns the most punchable face on the planet and has all the empathy of a date-raping dudebro whose family just got him off the hook on his latest DUI arrest. To watch him stand there with his stupid self-satisfied smirk while he continuously asks each homeless person he encounters a dehumanizing question is enough to throw a shoe through your television. This isn’t investigative journalism. No, it is tabloidish bullshit to quench the thirst of O’Reilly’s faithful viewers, who desperately need their daily dose of confirmation bias.

If you are in the mood to be infuriated, go ahead and take a gander at the clip below, courtesy of Fox News:

Justin Baragona

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