“You Want A War? You Got A War!” Bill O’Reilly Pops A Vein Over “Anti-Fox Defamation”

“You Want A War? You Got A War!” Bill O’Reilly Pops A Vein Over “Anti-Fox Defamation”

Eternal victim and humble correspondent Bill O’Reilly completely lost his shit Wednesday night as he utilized two consecutive segments on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor to declare a war on the liberal media and claim that the only thing that is harming black people in this country is their own “corrosive culture.” This on-air meltdown comes 24 hours after O’Reilly threw a childlike temper tantrum when Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers got into a heated exchange with the former Inside Edition host over the subject of race in America. Powers got O’Reilly to flip his lid when she asked him if he has any black friends.

A week after a deranged gunman killed nine black churchgoers in South Carolina solely because of their skin color in an effort to spark a race war, O’Reilly decided the was going to start his own war against those who lie about Fox News or claim racism exists when it doesn’t. In a rambling and largely incoherent tirade that stretched on for a large portion of his program, Papa Bear railed against the idea that institutional racism exists in this country, the online search engine Yahoo and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, among other things.

The main takeaway from Bill-O’s little shitfit was that both he and Fox News are the real victims in this country. They are the ones truly suffering from racism, from discrimination, from defamation, from all the hating haters just a-hatin’ on the truth sayers at the Fair and Balanced network. Everyone else is spreading propaganda while O’Reilly and his faithful staff and humble colleagues are out there endlessly searching for and reporting the truth.

At one point, O’Reilly took aim at Yahoo for apparently not featuring enough websites with “conservative viewpoints” on its front page but mentioning Jon Stewart. O’Reilly reeled off the names of right-wing tabloids like Breitbart, Dailly Caller, Newsmax and WND as ones that Yahoo should give more coverage to, claiming all along that Jon Stewart is featured front and center every time he makes an anti-Fox statement. Obviously, O’Reilly has never perused the comments section at Yahoo to see just how conservative the viewpoints of its readers really are and how silly it would be to claim that Yahoo is specifically catering to liberals.

Also, being the supreme expert on today’s black culture, O’Reilly once again took aim at the real cause of race issues in this country — black people. See, it is all the hippity hoppity music and lack of strong male role models that is the real danger facing blacks today. There is no such thing as an industrial prison complex or unfair justice system or a wage/wealth gap or just plain ol’ white privilege in this nation. No. It is just that Democrats are purposely keeping blacks down so they can control them as a voting block by letting them believe they are victims of an unjust system.

The purpose of Bill’s rant? Deflect and project. Claim that it is others who are engaging in insane rhetoric while histrionically shouting about starting a war. Label yourself and your network as a victim while real victims are suffering and hurting. Act as if you are some kind of underdog who is outside the mainstream while you make millions of dollars a year and you are on the most watched cable news network.

Below is video of O’Reilly’s performance, courtesy of Fox News:


Justin Baragona

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