Rush Limbaugh Wishes Conservative Media Would Stop Making Fun Of Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh Wishes Conservative Media Would Stop Making Fun Of Donald Trump

Soon-to-be unemployed radio talk host Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves Wednesday to fire complaints at his colleagues in the Conservative Entertainment Complex for being too mean towards the newest Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. In Limbaugh’s view, the lack of respect the reality TV star has been getting from right-wing media figures is insulting, not only because Trump is an ideal candidate in Limbaugh’s eyes, but also due to the fact that conservatives should only be saying negative things about Hillary Clinton and other Democratic politicians.

The Rush Limbaugh Show host made it seem like every member of Fox News and conservative media has poked fun endlessly at the orange topped “billionaire” since he announced his candidacy on Tuesday. (Apparently, El Rushbo didn’t catch Wednesday morning’s broadcast of Fox & Friends to see the Trump lovefest going on.) However, Limbaugh focused most of his attention on a piece from National Review’s Kevin Williamson as proof that the right-wing media is being unfair towards Trump.

Prior to reading Williamson’s article — titled “Witless Ape Rides Escalator” — in full and providing commentary along the way, Limbaugh chastised conservatives for not going after Hillary or Bernie Sanders nearly as hard as they are Trump.

From the show’s transcript:


You look at the conservative media and what they’re doing to Trump. If the conservative media would hit Hillary with one-tenth of what they’re hitting Trump with, it might matter!

It’s incredible. Hillary Clinton gets more respect than Trump gets from the conservative media. Now, look, I understand some of it. Krauthammer is out there… (laughing) I mean, Trump’s out there calling Krauthammer and George Will “losers,” and they don’t know what they’re talking about, have never been right about anything. (chuckles) It’s all a good show.

You know, here’s how crazy it is. Here you have Bernie Sanders. Let’s look at Bernie Sanders. Here’s a guy who not only mocks and makes fun of rape victims, but he wants to bring the ideology of Stalin and Saddam and Mao Tse-tung to the United States, and he’s perfectly normal as far as the media’s concerned, and over here is Donald Trump and he’s the clown.

The reflex, the willingness that we have, I guess, to let the media select our candidates for us is just incredible.


You know, I get how Limbaugh can equate Stalin and Mao to Sanders due to the Vermont Senator’s Socialist ideology, but Saddam? Just seems like a “why the fuck not” moment from Rush. Also, I love how he whines about the media selecting candidates when his fucking job is as a media member trying to convince his listeners to vote for Republicans and conservatives!

Anyway, Limbaugh read aloud Williamson’s article and then claimed that conservatives have never written anything as harsh about a Democrat, which is, obviously, bullshit. Hell, just check out Daily Caller’s cache of Hillary articles. Or WND’s Obama posts. Hell, you can’t even be considered a conservative columnist unless you’ve called President Obama a dangerous Socialist and claimed Benghazi was the greatest tragedy to ever happen ever.

Anyway, back to Rush’s message for conservatives. Don’t ever, ever, ever criticize Republican candidates when you have time on your plate to rip Hillary Clinton. Got it? Good. That holds true even if a certain brand-new GOP candidate is caught paying extras to appear at his campaign announcement.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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