‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Believe Trump Will Be A Great President Because He Hates Mexicans

‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Believe Trump Will Be A Great President Because He Hates Mexicans

Fox News’ morning program for dummies Fox & Friends spent much of its time Wednesday discussing Donald Trump’s Tuesday announcement that he is going to run for President. Besides interviewing The Donald, the three hosts devoted other segments touting the Celebrity Apprentice star as a serious candidate who can make an impact in this crowded field because he has “swagger” and appeals to independent and moderate voters due to his plain-spoken style. Co-host and living CPR dummy Brian Kilmeade may have actually jizzed in his pants when describing Trump at one point.

During their interview with Trump, the brain-dead triumvirate of Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck took turns heaping praise on the orange-haired “billionaire,” letting him know how great his disastrous and much-mocked announcement was.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of Fox News:



Be prepared for more of these “interviews” over the coming months. While Fox has said that Fox & Friends will cease its segments featuring Trump, as he had previously come on weekly to discuss current events with the hosts, the show will now just have him on as a guest since he is officially a candidate now.

Elsewhere in Wednesday’s broadcast, the trio made sure to dismiss the notion that Trump’s campaign is a joke and not to be taken seriously. Doocy read (poorly) from an op-ed in the New York Post in which the Rupert Murdoch-owned publication declared Trump’s candidacy had “already improved the field.” Kilmeade interjected numerous times, claiming Trump would be great because he’s “really rich.” Meanwhile, Hasselbeck was impressed that Trump boasted that he’d “make Mexicans build their own wall” in order to keep them out of the United States.

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The Trump fellatio fest wasn’t over with that, though. Talking penis and former Trump attorney Peter Johnson, Jr. sat on the curvy couch to give his totally unbiased opinion on his longtime friend and client. Of course, Johnson feels that Trump has a great platform and is hitting all the right notes with middle America (and specifically Fox viewers) and might make a real splash this election.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:




While the rest of America points its collective finger at Trump and laughs at him, Fox’s version of the Three Stooges thinks that he came off really well Tuesday and will not only have a great campaign, but will make a wonderful leader of the free world.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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