‘Morning Joe’: Trump Should Have A Medical Assessment Because He Keeps Saying Crazy Things

‘Morning Joe’: Trump Should Have A Medical Assessment Because He Keeps Saying Crazy Things

MSNBC’s Morning Joe continued their criticism of President Donald Trump’s racist tweets Monday morning. Trump attacked freshman Democratic congresswomen again at the weekend, claiming they were incapable of loving America. Co-host Joe Scarborough and former Bush White House official Elise Jordan were not impressed.

Scarborough mocked Stephen Miller’s defense of Trump, pointing out the hypocrisy in his argument and reminding viewers that Trump consistently criticized the US.

“So please, Stephen Miller, please, Donald, Donald, you’re making a fool of yourself again,” Scarborough said.

“This ends very badly for you. Speaking of which, Elise, all of this is deeply offensive, but I’m already tired of all the op-eds I’m going to have to read after Donald Trump loses in a landslide. People saying: Of course, this is due to happen because his bigotry only appeals to one-third of the electorate — that will happen.”

“Just like we said that Donald Trump could win. I’m telling you, that will happen. This is what gets me. This is such a losing proposition. This is the politics of subtraction. There is no way this leads to victory.”

“This gets women, suburban voters, educated voters. Of course people of color, it gets them fired up in a way that they’ll go out to vote, whereas this depresses a lot of support for Donald Trump. That’s what I don’t understand, Elise. Why he’s being a bigot and a racist, thinking that that’s going to help him get elected. It’s not. It’s going to ensure that he is routed next year.”

“Joe, I think you’re being a little bit too charitable regarding Donald Trump having an actual strategy in the first place,” Jordan said.

“I think that this is who he is. He’s racist. You’ve seen it — you know, in his entire career. Whether it’s calling for five young black men who are innocent to be executed. You see it in his comments consistently throughout the course of his campaign, wanting to ban an entire religion from entering the country.”

“And just this week the horrible remarks that, you know, an elected official — elected by her fellow country men and women should be grateful to be in the country and should leave otherwise. And it’s just incredible to me that we still are not being just more forthright and, you know, saying this for what it is.”

“It’s Donald Trump, he is not — you know, you listen to how he’s speaking sometimes and the crazy things that come out of his mouth. And you wonder why someone isn’t just taking him to Walter Reed for a full medical because it doesn’t all seem to be flowing that and I think it’s why he’s going back to his greatest original trick, being racist.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor