Robert Mueller’s Testimony Could Make Trump’s Bad Couple Of Weeks Even Worse

Robert Mueller’s Testimony Could Make Trump’s Bad Couple Of Weeks Even Worse

President Donald Trump hasn’t been having a good time lately. The President’s racist tweets about freshman Democratic congresswomen set of a fire storm of criticism in the media and among Democratic lawmakers, but also among some conservatives.

His attempts to walk back the ‘Send her back!’ chants at a North Carolina rally were undermined by his defense of the crowd and his continued attacks on the congresswomen – including claiming they are incapable of loving America – has seen the controversy rattle on.

This week, Trump will have more reasons to vent his spleen on Twitter. Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before the House on Wednesday. This is the first opportunity for congressional Democrats to quiz Mueller on his report, which did not exonerate the President.

Though Mueller may not say that Trump committed or directed crimes, his testimony could be extremely damaging for Trump. Democrats will probe the report deeply and ask incisive questions that could shed new light on Trump’s actions during and after the 2016 election.

Mueller is not a partisan witness and has no reason to defend Trump. The White House has reason to be worried that Mueller will speak candidly as Democrats’ push him for solid details. Republicans will likely try to discredit him – a tactic that hasn’t worked thus far.

Regardless of the content of the testimony, Trump is likely to react badly to any line of questioning from Democrats and may lash out on Twitter yet again. The controversy swirling around his racist remarks will be further exacerbated if Muller has anything substantial to say. And talk of impeachment hasn’t gone away.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.