Dan Bongino Says Conservatives Have ‘Nothing In Common’ With The Left: They Genuinely Dislike Us

Dan Bongino Says Conservatives Have ‘Nothing In Common’ With The Left: They Genuinely Dislike Us

Dan Bongino appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to preemptively attack Special Counsel Robert Mueller before his congressional testimony on Wednesday. But Bongino also took some time to criticize ‘the Squad’ of Democratic freshmen congresswomen.

The Fox & Friends hosts pointed to an op-ed in the LA Times about the four Democrats President Donald Trump subjected to racist attacks. The article discusses how they could help save the nation. Bongino saw this as evidence of how out of touch the ‘far left’ was.

“I read the piece this morning and if you really want to get furious quickly and you’re a sane, sentient being, read this,” Bongino said.

“It hits all of the low points. It really does. And it reminded me that we share absolutely nothing in common anymore or with the radical far left. What I mean by it hits all the low points, you’re all racists, you’re all deplorables if you support Trump. Trump’s a criminal. There’s evidence of obstruction.”

“It’s an example that the far left is so far off the deep end, I just don’t see any rapprochement there politically where we’re gonna meet in the middle,” Bongino said.

“We share nothing in common, Brian. Nothing with these people. The best way to sum this up is this: we think liberals are people with bad ideas. These radicals think we’re bad people with ideas — there is a chasm between those two things. There is no meeting in the middle. They genuinely dislike us. And when you read that piece, you’ll see it.”

Bongino has tried to make this argument stick before. Many of President Donald Trump supporters, like Bongino, are quite happy to view his political opponents as bad people, not just people with bad ideas.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.