Ultra-Wealthy Kellyanne Conway Whines About Nancy Pelosi Acting Like a Spoiled Rich Person

Ultra-Wealthy Kellyanne Conway Whines About Nancy Pelosi Acting Like a Spoiled Rich Person

Kellyanne Conway grew up a working-class, blue-collar girl in New Jersey. Now she is worth $39 million. But she still knows how to play the class resentment card, as she proved during a Thursday morning appearance on Fox News.

Conway reported had a confrontation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after President Trump blew up an infrastructure meeting at the White House on Wednesday. After Trump stormed out of the room, Conway asked Pelosi if she wanted to respond to anything the president had said. Pelosi said that if she did, she would talk directly to the president and not to staff. Conway sneered back, “Wow, that’s really pro-woman of you.”

The Counselor to the President recounted all this and added her personal grievances while taking shots at Pelosi on America’s Newsroom. “She said, I talk to the president, I don’t talk to staff,” Conway told hosts Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith. “She is the sixth-most rich member of Congress and treats everybody like her staff. She treats me like I’m her makeup artist or her driver, and I’m not.”

Conway is, literally, a member of the president’s staff.

Conway was reportedly worth around $39 million when she began working at the White House in 2017. Nancy Pelosi is a little harder to pin down – OpenSecrets.org says she was worth $100 million in 2015, while The Los Angeles Times put her net worth at around $28 million that year. Meanwhile, Roll Call says she is currently worth around $16 million.

The point is, both of these women are extremely rich and powerful. But only one of them has either the insecurity or the chutzpah to complain about feeling diminished on national television.

Later in the morning, Pelosi responded to Conway’s remarks during her weekly press conference:

It cannot be mentioned enough that Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and second in line to the presidency, so any feeling that she should be speaking directly to the president instead of passing messages through a staffer is probably justified. And again, Kellyanne Conway is literally staff.

Watch the clip up top, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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