Fox & Friends Audience Member: FBI Spied On Trump And Covered It Up

Fox & Friends Audience Member: FBI Spied On Trump And Covered It Up

Fox & Friends had a live studio audience Friday morning – an increasingly common feature on the Fox News flagship morning show. Co-host Steve Doocy engaged with the audience on the issue of spying on the Trump campaign by the FBI. Fox News has been soft pedalling this conspiracy theory for months.

The hosts pointed to a new Fox News poll showing that most respondents believed it was likely the FBI had broken the law investigating President Donald Trump. This is no surprise for Fox News viewers, who have been fed misinformation on the Mueller probe and the FISA system for months. Doocy then gauged the audience’s opinion.

“I think it’s very important and these people are very skilled at their trade crafts. I’m sure they’ve covered it up very well as they were going along. So one has to dig very deep to get to the bottom of it and find out what actually happened,” said one audience member, he appeared to have been pre-selected.

“The trade craft?” Doocy said. “So, in other words, you’re thinking, if these guys are spies, they probably figured a way to do it where we’ll never find out. Is that what you mean?”

“I think there’s a lot of innuendo and blowing smoke and they’ve covered their tracks very well. That’s what one has to figure out,” said the man, who appeared to have a British or possibly Australian accent.

“Good answer,” Doocy said, not bothering to challenge the assertion that both spying and a cover up had taken place.

There were some innocuous exchanges with the audience before Doocy engaged in more misinformation about the investigation into the Trump campaign.

“What’s your big concern?” Doocy asked another audience member. “Does it bother you to think that, the whole FISA thing, was written back in the ’70s so that the United States could surveil people in other countries. And it’s very disturbing if they use the laws that are supposed to apply to people from other countries to spy on Americans illegally.”

Doocy was once again pushing the idea that the FISA warrant was obtained illegally, an idea that has long been debunked. Further, his claim that the FISA law is only designed to surveil people in other countries is not true. The law specifically allows surveillance of agents of foreign powers who are suspected of espionage or terrorism.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor