Robert Reich: Trump Is Using ‘The Dictators’ Playbook’ To Destroy Democracy

Robert Reich: Trump Is Using ‘The Dictators’ Playbook’ To Destroy Democracy

President Donald Trump is using the tactics of a dictator, according to former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. Writing in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Reich details how Trump is following steps that will damage American democracy further.

“From the start of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has sought to make immigrants from Mexico and Latin America the nation’s nemesis,” Reich writes.

“Whatever problem this surge of migrants poses isn’t nearly the magnitude of threats like climate change, nuclear proliferation, or the undermining of democratic institutions – all of which, not incidentally, Trump has worsened.”

Reich says Trump isn’t interested in solving the humanitarian crisis at the border, but that it benefits him and plays well with his political base. He cites the lack of immigration judges and Trump’s inaction on the issue. Trump is also trumping up a crisis, according to Reich.

“When he’s not accusing Democrats of being socialists, Trump is rallying his followers around the supposed mob at the gates. At a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he claimed migrants are coached by lawyers to say ‘I’m very afraid for my life’ although they look as strong ‘s “the heavyweight champion of the world.'”

“Trump’s ‘national emergency’ to fund his border wall isn’t just an unconstitutional power grab. It’s a grab that shatters previous norms about how far a president can go in testing the limits of his power,” Reich says, as he explains the ‘rules’ he says dictators follow.

Reich has become something of a celebrity in left-wing circles in recent years, coming out strongly against the President and with a significant following on social media. He is one of a few commentators to suggest Trump aspires to dictatorial powers.

“For a president to behave as if he is above the law, or can unilaterally make it, violates the cardinal precept of democracy. Which may be the real point of all of this for Trump. He seeks total control.”

“The final rule: destroy democracy,” Reich concludes.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor