Fox News Guest: Dumping Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Could Just Be Expediting Where They Want To Go

Fox News Guest: Dumping Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Could Just Be Expediting Where They Want To Go

A former border patrol chief has told Fox & Friends that dumping undocumented migrants in sanctuary cities could be just what the migrants want. Mark Morgan, who served under President Barack Obama, refused to condemn President Donald Trump’s plan when given the opportunity.

Trump has suggested taking undocumented migrants and moving them into Democratic-controlled sanctuary cities, a move which could be both illegal and fraught with logistical difficulties, as well as the obvious partisan implications. Morgan was asked about his views on the supposed plan.

“Look, the President is clearly frustrated and so am I. Every time the President tries to do the right thing to protect these borders, what happens? Congress goes against him. Bad judicial activism to go against him. So he’ss just – you know, I think this is really being born out of frustration,” Morgan said.

“But he’s trying to send a clear message. Make no mistake, sanctuary cities are part of this crisis. They are signaling and telling immigrants, come here illegally. Exploit our laws and generosity. Not only will we take you we will protect you. We will reward you. And we will thwart the law enforcement from trying to do their job. It’s truly unbelievable.”

The Fox & Friends host Ed Henry pressed Morgan about the plan to send migrants into America’s cities, citing the Department of Homeland Security’s concerns about the burden it would place on law enforcement.

“Ed, I think you’re right, I think you bring up good points. It’ll be a logistical kind of nightmare as I see this to be able to do this. But, you know, the mayor of Chicago, the new mayor of Chicago, she said it best. She said, you know, we’ve been welcoming illegal immigrants for a long time.

“So the American people need to understand sanctuary cities have been a pull factor. A good chunk of illegal aliens, they are self-deploying themselves to the sanctuary cities. That’s where they want to go. So you could argue is the government would just be expediting the process of getting them to where they want to end up anyway.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.