Erick Erickson Raked Over Coals For Saying Episcopalians Aren’t Really Christian

His claim that science backs up his anti-abortion position is incorrect.

Erick Erickson is getting raked over the proverbial coals for a tweet in which he suggested that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, an observant and committed Episcopalian, does not truly understand Christianity:

Erickson is an evangelical Christian who has long seen it as his mission to talk down to anyone who disagrees with his brand of muscular Christianity or questions whether non-evangelical interpretations of Scripture are the only true interpretations. Since evangelicals also support Donald Trump in overwhelming numbers despite his past and present behavior, Erickson became a target of ridicule for his statements:

Erickson followed up with a piece on his own site, The Resurgent, that amounts to him trying to catalogue the hypocrisies of Buttigieg’s faith while acknowledging the weirdness of evangelicals supporting Donald Trump. He also claims that science backs up the morality of his own anti-abortion position. Which would be news to scientists, who still can’t agree on the science themselves.


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