Mika Brzezinski: Biden’s ‘Politically Active’ Accuser Knew How This Would Blow Up

Mika Brzezinski: Biden’s ‘Politically Active’ Accuser Knew How This Would Blow Up

Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski defended former Vice President Joe Biden for the third day running on Wednesday morning. The MSNBC host, who knows Biden personally, again called his accuser’s credibility into question, amid some pushback from her guests.

After a discussion about the allegations of inappropriate touching against Biden, who has yet to announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, Brzezinski was keen to defend the Delaware Democrat.

“Yeah, I think the part that worries me is sort of the side of ‘Me Too’ that feels like it is about taking down careers. Oh, he did that? He’s out. Oh, he did that, he’s out. Let’s not investigate it. Get him out.”

A guest pushed back against Brzezinski claim, pointing out that any Democrat who’s been asked about this has said that the accusations do not disqualify Biden from running.

“Well, because I think, and especially in the case of the first two, these are women who are very politically — in fact, they go to political events, they’re involved in politics, they support candidates,” Brzezinski said.

“Lucy Flores supported Bernie and has a picture of herself on Instagram, at some point, with Bernie with his hand on her back. Did Bernie ask? Look, women should be heard. I think many cases, most cases, because most women would never come forward with a story of sexual assault or harassment if they didn’t believe it happened. But in this case, it wasn’t sexual harassment or assault. So we listen. But we can question. You know, women don’t have the end of the story here. They’re a part of the story.”

Later in the conversation, Brzezinski doubled down on her suggestion that these ‘politically active’ women knew what would happen when they made their allegations.

“I do think that a smart woman, a politically active woman like Lucy Flores would understand the magnitude of her story, if she put it out there, and would understand that the narrative would immediately fall into the ‘Me Too’ wave.”

“And all of a sudden, it’d be a flurry of attention about Joe Biden being creepy or sexually weird, even if she clarifies at the end that, well, it wasn’t that bad. If it wasn’t that bad, why say it, so that’s my question. I’m not attacking the victim here because she says she’s not a victim. What is it?”

“I’m saying that she is a very intelligent woman with a political mind, and that she is well aware how these things blow up,” Brzezinski added at the end of the segment.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor