Fox & Friends Attack Religious Hypocrites: Democrats Who Believe In Climate Change

Fox & Friends Attack Religious Hypocrites: Democrats Who Believe In Climate Change

Fox & Friends Saturday¬†continued Fox News’ latest attack on Democrats discussing climate change by comparing them to religious leaders. The tactic of painting climate change concerns as a wacky religion has taken hold in Fox News circles in recent weeks.

The weekend hosts were discussing the latest entries into the Democratic presidential field, including Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

“In case you missed it, Jay Inslee is running on nothing but a climate change platform. That’s all he’s gonna run on,” Pete Hegseth said.

“You said earlier he’s AOC except he’s…” Rachel Campos-Duffy began.

“He’s an old white guy,” Hegseth said. “So, he’s AOC except he’s an old white guy, which means he’s dead in the water inside his party that plays identity politics, I digress. But we’ll see. Clearly this is part of an absolute lurch on the left for that party.”

The hosts discussed other potential Democratic presidential candidates, including mocking Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s name, before moving on to criticize Bernie Sanders for his comments on climate change. Fox News is still accusing Sanders of hypocrisy for using private jets to campaign during 2016.

“That is so fascinating to hear that because it was just this week that Clinton staffers during the presidential run in 2016 outed Bernie Sanders as the biggest private jet diva of the entire cycle. So he thinks the planet is going to end in 12 years but he still wants to do private jet fuel,” Campos-Duffy said.

“Well of course there’s hypocrisy there. It’s a religion,” Hegseth said. “It is become the religion of his base. And as a result he needs to be prophetic about how urgent the times are, he, who’s this other guy? Jay Inslee -is all they’re going to talk about because there base, that’s where their base is. And they have been indoctrinated in that.”

“I have to just laugh at this because it’s so typical of the socialists. They preach egalitarianism. If you go on Facebook, Instagram you’ll see that Nicolas Maduro and Fidel Castro’s kids, they’re all on Instagram as the rich kids on yachts and so forth. So, this is just very, very typical. Preach egalitarianism. Preach about the climate and then not do it yourself,” Campos-Duffy said.

She did not point out that Maduro, like Castro before him, presides over an authoritarian regime

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

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