World’s Media Dunk On ‘Epically Bad’ Trump’s ‘Worst Week In Office’

World’s Media Dunk On ‘Epically Bad’ Trump’s ‘Worst Week In Office’

President Donald Trump has had some bad times since taking office in January, 2017 but this week, the hits just kept on coming. His former lawyer Michael Cohen gave explosive testimony before Congress, accusing Trump of being a racist con man. Talks with North Korea unexpectedly collapsed and Trump caused widespread outrage by defending dictator Kim Jong Un over the death of American Otto Warmbier. He later walked back his comments.

US and world media were quick to notice the string of difficulties the President suffered this week. CNN called it ‘Donald Trump’s epically bad week’. Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza wrote a summary of every bad news story Trump was involved in this week, and some yet to come.

Al Jazeera, a respected news outlet covering the Middle East, called it ‘Trump’s worst week in office.’

“Trump had galivanted off to Hanoi to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with whom he was going to make a deal,” Al Jazeera’s Larry Beinhart wrote. “They would denuclearise. Sanctions would end. They would re-enter the family of nations. Donald would build a golf course and a hotel on one of their fabulous beaches (I guess, based on no particular evidence.)”

“Will he launch an actual war to beat domestic political problems? It is a practice with a long history in the US and elsewhere. It can be quite successful,” Beinhart joked in his op-ed.

Other international headlines claimed Trump had become a mafia-like Don and accused House Republicans of becoming Trump’s newest fixers, succeeding Michael Cohen in that less than noble role.

“The faux moral outrage by Republicans over Cohen’s lies is comical in its shameful hypocrisy. They have defended a president who has made more than 7,000 false or misleading statements in his first two years of office,” a Guardian op-ed opined. “f Republicans were so concerned with the truth, they’d probably also spend time investigating credible accusations of sexual assault against the supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh, but the hunt for truth is only triggered by the words ‘Benghazi, ‘Clinton’s emails’ and ‘birth certificate.'”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.