Tucker Carlson Has Laughable Explanation for Spiking Interview That Went Horribly Wrong

Tucker Carlson Has Laughable Explanation for Spiking Interview That Went Horribly Wrong

Tucker Carlson has released an explanation as to why he did not air a segment he taped last week with Rutger Bregman that devolved into the Fox News host sputtering and cursing in anger at the Dutch professor.

Carlson posted his statement online after his show aired Wednesday night. In it, he admitted that the segment was fine so long as Bregman stuck to criticizing the global elites that Carlson, the wealthy heir to a frozen-foods fortune, has recently taken to attacking in his self-appointed role of populist warrior.

But then Bregman went too far:

“Then Bregman launched into an attack on Fox News. It’s not clear that Bregman had ever seen Fox, but he wanted to make his point. Fine. But then he claimed that my corporate masters tell me what to say on this show. And that was too much…Nobody in management has ever told us what positions to take on the air. Never.”

Bregman was not accusing Fox News’s billionaire owners of literally telling Carlson what to say on his show. His criticism was that Carlson only has a show because he won’t attack the moneyed interests of its conservative owners. Fox is a network designed to amplify the grievances of a white underclass while pointing the finger of blame for that class’s problems at liberalism and its own hypocrisies. Carlson would never place the network’s billionaire owners in the same standing as the wealthy elite who take private jets to Davos while complaining about global climate change.

In short, Carlson can be counted on to aim his fire at the right billionaires. Which doesn’t include those who like Fox News.

Carlson goes on to say that the segment with Bregman became unusable because it devolved into cursing from the host. Ha ha, yes, if only television had a way of stopping curse words from being heard on the air. Some sort of beep, for example.

Watch Carlson’s explanation in the video below.

Gary Legum

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