Fox’s Greg Gutfeld To Dana Perino: ‘You Deserve All The Abuse You’re Getting’ Over Queso Tweet

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld To Dana Perino: ‘You Deserve All The Abuse You’re Getting’ Over Queso Tweet

The country briefly came together during the Super Bowl as everyone took turns making fun of Fox News host Dana Perino’s godawful looking queso dip. During Sunday night’s terrible game, the one-time Bush administration staffer quickly went viral when she tweeted out a pic of her cheese dip along with the caption “I made queso.”

Perino took the Twitter dragging in stride, later saying that “tweets about my terrible queso are more entertaining than this game.” She continued to be a good sport about the whole thing Monday afternoon when she brought on The Five colleague Greg Gutfeld to mock her for her disgusting Super Bowl spread.

After Perino pointed out that she had never had anything go viral before, Gutfeld responded that her queso deserved it and recounting that he wondered to himself what was she doing when she tweeted it out.

“The best part is, you have created a permanent meme,” he noted. “From now on, people will just write, I made queso. You can marry that to any picture and it’s like I made queso.”

They discussed some of the most noteworthy tweets about the dip, with Gutfeld praising comedian Patton Oswalt for his use of art as a punchline. Perino also highlighted that HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg said her mother got mad at her for making fun of Perino because the Fox host seems like a “nice person.”

“You deserve all of the abuse you’re getting over this,” Gutfeld declared. “You know, it’s a sign of confirmation bias. A lot of people can’t see what they’re doing when they post things. I’m guilty of this. I think oh, this is a nice picture. My wife is like take it down. We’re the worst judges.”

Perino continued to half-heartedly defend her chili con queso while claiming she got the recipe from restaurant brand Chili’s, something that caused Gutfeld to jokingly state that they are denying it. He further added that Perino’s dog Jasper wouldn’t even eat the dip.

After a couple of more minutes of Perino good-naturedly taking friendly fire from Gutfeld, she reported that she brought some of the dip to work and they would be trying it on The Five later.

“I wouldn’t eat that with Jasper’s mouth,” Gutfeld quipped, adding that she “took something simple and destroyed it.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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