Mika Brzezinski: Trump Is ‘Withering Away Politically’ As Supporters Turn Against The Shutdown

Mika Brzezinski: Trump Is ‘Withering Away Politically’ As Supporters Turn Against The Shutdown

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski believes the government shutdown is going badly for President Donald Trump. On Day 33 of the partial shutdown, Brzezinski told viewers of Morning Joe that the standoff over the border wall is damaging Trump politically.

“No-one sees an end,” Brzezinski said of the shutdown. “You wonder. One thought is to give him the money. Remember Captain Ahab’s monomaniacal obsession with the great white whale which proved to be his undoing as readers reached the end of Herman Melville’s classic Moby-Dick?” 

Well, in the city lined by the muddy waters the Potomac -Washington, it is a driven and disturbed President’s focus on imaginary invasion of migrants that is proving to be the final undoing of his once iron grip hold on a certain brand of American voter. But even these Trumpists have decided that shutting down the government, damaging the economy and making air travel less safe is just not worth winning a political punchline.”

“There’s too many things wrong with Trump’s imaginary wall to name, including that no one, including Republicans, ever thought it was a good way to secure the border,” she said. “No-one. Besides, President Trump assured his voters Mexico was going pay for it and clearly it’s not, we are.”

“And now the fact is this: Donald Trump owns the shutdown. Now, the question is what if Democrats start thinking about ways to own the solution? Democratic Congressman Colin Peterson’s cry to give Trump the money for the wall, it seems wrong headed but might be the beginning of Democrats’ efforts to seek common ground if Trump actually starts grounding himself and border arguments in reality.”

“In many ways it would be morally and politically uncomfortable for Democrats to give an inch,” Brzezinski said. “That is clear. And why should they? Trump is slowly withering away politically, that is clear. But perhaps the widespread human suffering caused by the shutdown and the danger could make some Democrats feel the need to seek common ground, go higher when they go lower and do their best to try to get the government employees back to work.”

“Trump will be immature and obstinate. That is a given. We expect that. Maybe, just maybe, Democrats should take the high road, and one possibility would be  that they do that, give the money, get what they can in return for the wall and do what Donald Trump won’t do, which is show humanity for the people who are suffering. It might be worth a try, something to consider at this point in Day 33.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.