Fox News Guest Says Covington Students Are Victims Of Profiling: It’s ‘Guilt By Hat…The MAGA Hat’

Fox News Guest Says Covington Students Are Victims Of Profiling: It’s ‘Guilt By Hat…The MAGA Hat’

So I guess Republicans are now against profiling?

As we enter Day 5 of the Covington Catholic story that has led to the MAGA hat-wearing teens becoming conservative superheroes as right-wing media has absolutely gorged on the controversy and completely shifted the conversation, a Fox News guest presented the students as victims of profiling due to their love of MAGA.

During a panel discussion on Wednesday’s broadcast of America’s Newsroom, anchor Bill Hemmer noted that the Black Hebrew Israelites aren’t getting enough public condemnation over their actions prior to the standoff between Covington student Nick Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

“These are grown adults,” Hemmer said. “They have extreme views on just about everything. And they had the confrontation that lasted perhaps an hour before the native American and the kids had their face-off.”

Former George W. Bush staffer Brad Blakeman immediately jumped in to defend the students and present them as casualties of the court of public opinion.

“This is guilt by hat,” he declared. “It’s profiling.”

“Guilt by -?” Hemmer interjected.

“Hat!” Blakeman finished Hemmer’s inquiry. “The MAGA hat. You wear a MAGA hat and all of a sudden people tend to treat you differently. And it’s wrong.”

The Republican operative went on to say the students were there for a peaceful purpose — the anti-abortion March for Life — and weren’t there for a confrontation but were instead merely expressing their views. He also took issue with the school’s archdiocese initially condemning the students’ actions before additional video and context came out.

“They should be the first to understand about falsely accusing and justice and righteousness,” Blakeman exclaimed And they threw these kids under the bus. That’s what’s wrong. They continue to do it today. All of a sudden they come out and say we’ll have an independent investigation. Why didn’t they say that at the beginning?”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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