Following Sarah Sanders’ Contentious Briefing, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Says ‘She Struck The Right Tone’

Following Sarah Sanders’ Contentious Briefing, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Says ‘She Struck The Right Tone’

During her first on-camera press briefing in roughly a month, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spent much of the time scolding the media while defending the president’s heated rhetoric towards the press and Democrats in the wake of both the mass bomb scare and the horrific Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

After Sanders abruptly ended the briefing while rattling off a series of lies, falsehoods, and grievances, CNN cut back to anchor Brooke Baldwin — who praised Sanders’ tone.

“So let’s begin by talking about Sarah Sanders off the top,” Baldwin stated. “Not just the Sarah Sanders we just heard from, but the Sarah Sanders off the top. I’m going to say this. You know, she struck the right tone, she used the right words, she was appropriately emotional. But is this enough at this moment when this nation is angry and upset and grieving?”

Now, to be fair to the CNN host, she was referencing the prepared statement the press secretary read at the beginning of the presser. “This atrocity was a chilling act of mass murder, it was an act of hatred, and above all, it was an act of evil. Anti-semitism is a plague to humanity and it is responsible for many of the worst horrors in human history,” Sanders said, getting somewhat emotional at the end of the statement.

The press secretary, however, immediately pivoted to attack-mode as soon as she took questions, claiming the president has done enough to bring this country together following tragedy while blaming the media for its divisiveness. At one point, she got into a tense back-and-forth with CNN’s Jim Acosta over Trump’s repeated claims that the “Fake News Media” is the “enemy of the people.”

So, yeah, it was a bit jarring to hear Baldwin commend Sanders for her “tone” following the performance we had just witnessed.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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