Candace Owens: CNN Suspending Paris Dennard Over Sexual Harassment Allegations Is ‘Public Lynching’

Candace Owens: CNN Suspending Paris Dennard Over Sexual Harassment Allegations Is ‘Public Lynching’

Candace “Red Pill Black’ Owens is just having a banner week.

The TPUSA communications director, who became a rising star in conservative media after Kanye West said he loves the way she thinks, decided to weigh in Thursday morning on CNN suspending political commentator Paris Dennard following a Washington Post report that Dennard was fired from a previous job over sexual harassment allegations.

“Here is the viral clip of an “uppity black” standing up to the intelligence community on national TV,” she tweeted, referring to Dennard’s on-air fight with CNN’s Phil Mudd that was later lauded by President Trump. “This garnered praise from @realDonaldTrump.”

Owens added, “Two days later, sexual assault allegations from 2014 surface and he is fired. L Y N C H E D.”

This was the end of a mini-tweetstorm on the Dennard matter that also included Owens hyping an extreme outlier poll to claim Trump is gaining huge ground with black voters and that Dennard’s suspension was a “public lynching.”

So, just a few things to unpack here. One, Dennard hasn’t been fired by CNN — at least, not yet. The network suspended the pro-Trump pundit as it looks into the matter.

Two, can someone please explain lynchings and the history behind them to Owens? Like, for real.

Three, her basis for the 36% black approval rating of Trump is a Rasmussen poll that doesn’t share its methodology for reaching that conclusion. The polling company also has a severe Republican bias and has continuously pushed a meteoric rise in black approval for Trump — something that Trump has gleefully tweeted out. Meanwhile, higher quality polls that are transparent about their date methods show Trump’s approval rating among blacks at 12 percent — only slightly higher than the eight percent who voted for him in 2016.

Justin Baragona

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