April Ryan On ‘Evil’ Omarosa: Trump Created This Monster And The Monster Has ‘Come Back To Bite Him’

April Ryan On ‘Evil’ Omarosa: Trump Created This Monster And The Monster Has ‘Come Back To Bite Him’

It is no secret that White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan has been feuding with former White House aide and Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman for a while now. With Omarosa front in center in the news cycle due to her upcoming tell-all book and revelation that she taped Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her in the Situation Room, Ryan noted that Trump created Omarosa in his own image and is now dealing with the repercussions.

“What has happened is this White House created this monster and it was even before this White House, you know,” she said on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday. “I would say Donald Trump created his own monster and now the monster, he created the monster in his own likeness and the monster has come back to bite him.”

She went on to claim that while Omarosa was in the White House, she attempted to get then-press secretary Sean Spicer to no longer call on Ryan at press briefings while also spreading rumors that the reporter was taking money from Hillary Clinton.

“She may not even talk about it in her book but I talk about it in mine,” Ryan stated. “And she did it to support her president and support her friend that she said she was loyal to and the bottom line is that yes, she was doing this knowing it would be a payoff in the end for her and once she got upset with him or he got upset with her, she turns on him.”

She then ended the segment with this observation:

“She’s not a friend. She’s a liar and I would say she’s evil.”

Host Brian Stelter seemed a bit taken aback by Ryan’s declaration of Omarosa’s evilness and pointed out that he hoped the ex-Trump aide would have a chance to respond to that soon.

“She will, I’m sure she will,” Ryan noted. “I’m sure she will.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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