Twitter CEO Under Fire For Agreeing To Hannity Interview While Ignoring Other Media Outlets

Twitter CEO Under Fire For Agreeing To Hannity Interview While Ignoring Other Media Outlets

It was announced on Wednesday afternoon that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would appear on Sean Hannity’s Fox News radio show to discuss some of the concerns conservatives have had with the social media giant. The assumption here is that Hannity will bring up so-called “shadow banning” of right-wing media figures as well as concerns over suspensions and permanent bans that have been handed out to right-wing provocateurs.

While Dorsey has faced criticism from the right over their belief that the tech platform is practicing anti-conservative bias against them, Dorsey is simultaneously under fire for his refusal to kick far-right conspiracy theorist off of Twitter despite other platforms removing him and his site InfoWars from theirs.

With Dorsey’s explanation of the Jones decision going over like a lead balloon with many reporters and journalists as he seemed to put to onus on the media to keep Jones in check, Dorsey going on a right-wing opinion show to discuss issues with his company was met with even harsher condemnation. One thing that really stuck in the craw of some in the media was the fact that Dorsey rarely grants interviews to the mainstream media and yet here he was popping up on a non-journalist’s program.

After NBC News’ Ben Collins pointed out his colleague Jo Ling Kent had been trying to score an interview with Dorsey for five years to no avail, Kent noted that she once agains reached out to Twitter in hopes of making it happen.

Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin highlighted that this was Dorsey’s second radio hit in a week. The other one — Fox News’ Guy Benson.

Others took issue with Dorsey showing up on the program of someone who has a history of spreading right-wing conspiracy theories.

Justin Baragona

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