Donald Trump Jr’s Call Disconnects Right After Ingraham Asks About Contradicting Trump Tower Stories

Donald Trump Jr’s Call Disconnects Right After Ingraham Asks About Contradicting Trump Tower Stories

Calling into conservative commentator Laura Ingraham’s radio show Monday, presidential scion Donald Trump Jr. went silent and his line apparently dropped after Ingraham asked him about the shifting explanations and contradictions that have come from him and Team Trump regarding the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton from a Russian lawyer.

With President Donald Trump taking to Twitter this past weekend to dismiss reports that he’s concerned Don Jr. may find himself ensnared in the Mueller investigation while contradicting earlier claims that the meeting was about Russian adoption, Ingraham asked about the changing narrative while playing clips of Trumpworld stating definitively bringing up adoption as the reason behind the Trump Tower meeting.

“You want any comment on that, Donny?” Ingraham asked Trump Jr. “Because they’re hitting you on that for contradictions. I mean, they’re calling it worse than contradictions obviously. Donny, what is your reaction to all that?”

Trump Jr. can be heard saying “hello,” followed by silence, leading Ingraham to ask if he was there.

“We’re going to see if we could reconnect with Donald Trump Jr. on all this,” she stated. “Because we can’t seem to hear him. We don’t know where he went.”

Don Jr. would end up joining Ingraham a few minutes later, with the Fox News host pointing out that he “somehow got cut off.” He went on to brush off the Russian dirt-digging attempt as just a twenty-minute meeting that went nowhere while spending much of the rest of the time (along with Ingraham) trashing the media and whining that Clinton wasn’t taking heat over her campaign paying for the Steele dossier.

Listen to the clip above (the relevant part starts at the 18-minute mark).

Justin Baragona

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