Trump Takes Heat Over News He’s Hiring Ex-Fox News Exec Bill Shine As WH Comms Director

Trump Takes Heat Over News He’s Hiring Ex-Fox News Exec Bill Shine As WH Comms Director

Prior to Wednesday’s news cycle being completely overtaken by the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring, giving President Trump a second justice on the bench, reporters and journalists were a bit gobsmacked over reports that the White House was in “final talks” with former Fox News executive Bill Shine to be the new communications director.

Per the New York Times, Shine was expected to be offered the job in short order. Politico noted that he was “close to being tapped” to fill the spot that was last formally held by Hope Hicks, who departed in March. Fox News’ John Roberts said the announcement should be coming soon.

Obviously, what has caused a lot of eyebrows to be raised over this potential move is the fact that Shine, a protege of Roger Ailes, was pushed out as Fox News co-president over his handling of sexual harassment claims. Shine’s ouster occurred just weeks after star Bill O’Reilly was forced out over revelations he had settled multiple allegations for millions of dollars.

According to the NYT report, folks at the White House are “aware that they will face blowback for appointing someone so closely tied to Mr. Ailes and the culture of harassment toward women at Fox News. But they said Wednesday that they believe they can weather it.”

Journalist Yashar Ali stated that Shine “enables and covered up Roger Ailes sexual misconduct” as well as other Fox News talent.

The NYT’s Emily Steel noted the same thing:

Liberal media watchdog Media Matters pointed out that Shine left Fox News after he was “cited in multiple lawsuits” that he ignored or covered up allegations made towards Ailes:

Below are other observations made by folks in the media:

There was on person, however, who was a big fan of Shine possibly being the new White House communications director.

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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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